What is EuroSITES?

EuroSITES is a three year project (2008-2011) funded by the EC to integrate and enhance the deep ocean observatories across Europe. These deep ocean observatories are fixed at chosen locations as mooring lines from the sea surface to the seafloor. They continuously measure the physical, chemical and biological processes of the oceans sending data back via satellite to shore stations. These data are vital to understand how our oceans are changing and how we can mitigate against consequent environmental and societal impacts.

Why do we observe the oceans?

The global Ocean is constantly changing. Much of this is due to natural variability, but there is evidence that man is tipping the delicate balance of this complex system. This is likely to affect physical processes such as global circulation patters and biogeochemical processes including element and nutrient cycles in the ocean, with adverse effects on the functioning of marine ecosystems.