The satellites

Jason satellite.

Since the 1970s, remote sensing from satellites has become an increasingly important and valuable tool for studying the oceans. Satellites can receive information from Open Ocean Observatories and transmit the data back to laboratories, research and meteorological stations around the world for further analysis and study (cf factsheet about open ocean observatories, argo drifters).

Satellites can also keep track of surface temperature, currents and other changing features of the ocean’s surface. They can also take high resolution photographs of the ocean surface.

Satellite applications in oceanography

ENVISAT (Environmental Satellite)

ENVISAT is an Earth-observing satellite built by the European Space Agency.Launched on the 1st March 2002, Envisat carries an array of nine Earth-observation instruments that gather information about the Earth (land, water, ice, and atmosphere).

Source : ENVISAT brochure

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