Porcupine Abyssal Plain station

Location of Porcupine Abyssal Plain station
Location of Porcupine Abyssal Plain station

Photo Gallery

Zoom Irish research vessel RV CELTIC EXPLORER on the dock of Galway
Zoom Ship being loaded with scientific material for the cruise

Zoom Scientific crew signing in on the RV CELTIC EXPLORER
Zoom Glass spheres are connected to the mooring line to keep it in an upright position

Zoom Deserved time to relax and to recover even if it’s only for having a cup of tea...
Zoom A calm sea guarantees good working conditions

Zoom Training for the worst case
Zoom The cruise leader

Zoom Waves through the porthole
Zoom Waves through the porthole

Zoom Waiting for craning
Zoom Preparations of the sensor frame from the new observatory

Zoom The bathysnap camera that will take photos from the sea ground every eight hours throughout a whole year
Zoom Sunset

Zoom Let us have a nice first photo to test the bathysnap camera!
Zoom Ship trajectory towards the port of registry

Zoom Cooking team!
Zoom Craning the CTD into the water for taking a new profile

Zoom What is on the menu today?
Zoom Looking out for the sediment traps ascending towards the surface

Zoom Taking a water sample from a Niskin bottle
Zoom Surface buoy of the PAP observatory

Zoom Sending the ping for the acoustical release unit to recover the sediment traps
Zoom The sensor frame is ready

Zoom Proceeding the samples from the sediment traps
Zoom Recovered sediment traps

Zoom When there is time for some distraction
Zoom A current meter that is connected to the new set of sediment traps

Zoom I am sure there is fish out there...

Scientists or technicians in charge of the observatory

Dr. Richard Lampitt
Dr. David Billett

Name of their institution

National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton, England

Distance from shore

300 nautical miles (~1.5 days steaming at 8-9 knots)

Max depth

4800 m