PAP Cruise 2009

  • Cruise Location : Porcupine Abyssal Plain, North Atlantic Ocean
  • Targeted Observatory : PAP
  • Countries : Collaboration between EuroSITES partners NOCS and CNRS
  • Chief Scientist : Dr Richard Sanders
  • Date of the cruise : 8th July to 13th August 2009
  • Cruise goals and brief description of the mission

During the PAP mission, the scientists will study the entire water column from the surface to the bottom from every angle!

Get ready to recover the PAP mooring which records seawater properties at the site for a full year, and prepare the redeployment of the new mooring line (Next recovery in 2010).

Study the composition of seawater using bottles which plunge to thousands meters under your feet, and sample sea floor animals which live up to 4000 meters deep.

Also on the menu of this cruise, encounter with the infinitely tiny! The scientists will use plankton nets to catch these little animals drifting with the currents.

What the scientists can do with 2 meters high big funnels? Measure the quantity of particles falling through the water column, a process outwardly innocent which in fact is an essential part to understanding climate change.

Curious to learn more about life and work at Sea?

So, get ready to embark with us on the 8th July
onboard the RRS Discovery!



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